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PAPER AND LACE WEDDING BLOGAt night, when we are typically emotional, tired, and when I naturally want to talk about everything, is not a good time for us.  Talking via email or phone is not ideal, so its been a challenge to figure out when to sit down and figure things out.  I wish I could just breath and let things work themselves out but sometimes you just have to use the words and sit and make a plan.

Working all the time, and not always having the weekends to connect, puts me and Marcos in a difficult spot for having those “conversations” that need to be had. Shelby said that somehow she and Zach end up  talking about serious things when they go out to dinner. Last week I told Marcos we  should  go to our favorite restaurant and make a life plan, haha, but really.

We had wine(not too much) and talked through some upcoming plans. Having a planned conversation, outside of the house is good for several reasons. 1) You are in a public place so crying and yelling is not reasonable (although its easy to cry in public…so whatev) 2) You have wine and good food so you can avoid feeling hangry  3) You are in a good mood and anticipating an planned conversation about the future. I felt more excited,  less emotional, relaxed, and like there was less pressure making plans in a favorite spot. When you have time to anticipate a talk you know what you want to say so it felt easy and natural. We are not always going to do this but it seemed to work this  time.

When/Where do you have serious conversations in your busy life?

(Marcos and I when we were babies in 2007 at a coffeeshop )

marcos and m

(Image above from paper and lace wedding blog)


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  1. For almost four decades, we have found that taking a drive in the mountains provides us with the opportunity for some of our deepest, truest, best conversations.

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