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I must confess, being a non-parent,  that I listen to parenting podcasts– a lot. I feel like I am sneaking in on conversations that don’t pertain to me but getting really good cliff notes for an upcoming test. The podcasts are  entertaining as women, mostly, talk about breastfeeding, sleepless nights, and what to really pack for the hospital when you give birth.  My favorite parent podcasts are:



The Longest Shortest Time- Hilary just interviewed Teri Gross, Yes, Teri Gross! about her decision to not have babies. NPR alumns run the whole thing and the quality is like This American Life, but for families. I am  excited to listen to the Accidental Gay Parents, part 3. Listen to parts 1 and 2 you will become equally obsessed, with this couple and their story their family.

baby mamas

The Baby Mama’s Podcast- A  couple from Canada talks about their journey to get pregnant and stay pregnant. They talk about how they picked a sperm donor, getting the sperm in, and finally becoming pregnant. Then they obsess about everything and its fun listening in on their conversations about impending parenting.

pregnancy podcast

The Pregnancy Podcast- A research based podcast that literally tells you everything you need to know if you are a new parent. Each episode is like 20 minutes so its like: okay everything about breastmilk, go. Everything about 1-3rd trimesters, boom.  Everything about placenta encapsulation (ya uh huh) go.  Vanessa Marten just tells it like it is and sites her sources. You don’t have to google search because she does all the work for you and every week is something new about pregnancy or having the baby.

If you are a parent or non-parent, like me, listen along, to hear about non-conventional parenting, non-traditional family stories, the ups and the downs, the mistakes, the hilarity, and  joys of it all.  You can download all the episodes and search for others on the podcast app or just go to iTunes.

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