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How to NOT be a Grinch

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I get all mushy for sweets, white twinkling lights, and Christmas movie marathons. This year as a new mama that is working full time, I get Grinchy (grouchy at Christmas) after a long day of work or when the Christmas lights are tangled. Here are some things that instantly lift my mood.

  1. Drinking more water-I can’t survive on just coffee alone. If I drink two water bottles throughout the day, which is still not enough, but better than nothing, I am much more sun-shiney. If you add some cranberry juice to your water it is so much easier to drink.
  2. Eating protein- Protein is gold. I am like superman ruined by Kryptonite when I eat only carbs. Some greens and protein help me feel happy and healthy.
  3. Get outside. A walk around the block is fine. Fresh crisp air is an instant mood booster.
  4. Staying present. I have started putting my phone aside for 1-2 hours at  time with Fitz and Marcos at home. When I am in the moment I am more grateful for all that I have and my cold Grinch heart grows three times its size.

What do you do to beat the holiday blues?


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