New Parenthood

Baby Clutter

A friend said that she doesn’t mind baby clutter because she likes that her home looks like a baby lives there. I appreciate and get the sentiment. Sometimes I trip over one of Fitz’s rubber ducks in the shower and think “oh, how things have changed.” Overall though, I HATE clutter. If it belongs to Fitz, Marcos, or myself, I…

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Fitz’s First Birthday: Part 3

The first birthday party was a success!  Read Part 1 and Part 2. We have been cleaning up in phases and are still finding crayons under cushions and smears of frosting at baby level.  Friends and family came to celebrate,  eat delicious tacos made by Marcos, and enjoy Jungle Juice. Marcos and I somehow got Fitz to sleep before the party…

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Gift Ideas for Babies

Let’s face it,  babies will enjoy the Amazon Prime boxes the gifts arrive in and then eat eat the wrapping paper after opening their gifts. Marcos and I will probably get Fitz 2-3 gifts.  Here’s our list. Fitz LOVES music so a first harmonica could be fun. Fitz also enjoys tearing, stretching and pulling things apart. Mostly paper. These blocks…

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How to NOT be a Grinch

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I get all mushy for sweets, white twinkling lights, and Christmas movie marathons. This year as a new mama that is working full time, I get Grinchy (grouchy at Christmas) after a long day of work or when the Christmas lights are tangled. Here are some things that instantly lift my mood.…

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Some new things

Well, we are in baby land over here, hence the long absence. We are learning a lot and want to share our adventures in new parenthood and pregnancy with you. In addition to travel, fashion, and all things for being thirtiesh woman in Denver, we are going to add some new parenthood tips, tricks, fails, etc… Stay tuned.