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Category: Mamahood

Fitz’s First Birthday: Part 3

The first birthday party was a success!  Read Part 1 and Part 2. We have been cleaning up in phases and are still finding crayons under cushions and smears of frosting at baby level.  Friends and family came to celebrate,  eat delicious tacos made by Marcos, and enjoy Jungle Juice.

Marcos and I somehow got Fitz to sleep before the party and he awoke to a house full of friends. All his little friends who were wiggly tiny babies last January charged through the house and took turns with all of his new toys. They were not a fan of the scary looking wild animals.


We (Marcos) devoted time to making delicious food and I was busy cleaning, decorating and baby-proofing.  I ended up picking up Fitz’s cakes last minute at Whole Foods. They just happened to have perfect first birthday cakes and a cookie cake I impulsively grabbed. I guess this cake is a regular thing at Whole Foods so SCORE!

The atmosphere was lively, loving and fun. Fitz smashed his little fingers in the icing but I don’t think he actually had any cake because I was like, Nah.

A friend pointed out that the holidays have a super nostalgic feel now that our babies birthdays are mixed in with this time of year.  All winter I couldn’t help but reflect on this time last year, and how wonderfully different things are now.  I feel incredibly close to the friends who supported us during our biggest adventure yet. My tribe of mamas has been a gift.

At twelve months Fitz has two top teeth, many opinions, drools for days, stands without support, and continues to be the best little person I know.

Fitz’s First Birthday: Part 2

By Shannon

I was sluggish about planning a party for Fitz’s first birthday.  Read why here. I think it all felt too huge. I kind of just wanted to get a Negroni at Dio Mio,  our favorite restaurant and the place where Marcos timed my contractions before we headed for the hospital last year.

Timing contractions at Dio Mio

I ended up pulling it together because I wanted to bring together the community that supported us during this monumental year. I wanted to celebrate Fitz with all his little baby friends. I wanted to throw a party for me and Marcos because we made it a year!

The theme for the party is kind of animal/jungle/zoo. Here is the  front of the invite sent via paperless post.

The birthday decor is going to follow the invite. I am not huge on specific themes and colors so the invite will reflect the vibe of the party: bold, fun, and wild. We have some jungle animal decor and I found these awesome tassels on sale at Pottery Barn Kids that I can reuse in his room.

We are going to have animal coloring pages for older kids, stickers, and a baby bar with cut up fruit and vegetables. For the adults we are going to have some grown up Jungle Juice and appetizers. Marcos is going to make the cake.

I have leaned in to this whole first birthday. I mean it’s the first birthday! Part 3 I’ll let you know how the party turns out.

Fitz’s First Birthday: Part One

By Shannon

I’m in a discombobulated state when it comes to  Fitz’s first birthday. On one hand its this major milestone and cause for celebration. We made it a year! So, let’s throw a party for Fitz! (But really, for ourselves ;)) On the other hand its accepting that my infant is entering toddlerhood. That the foggy newborn days are behind us (Thank God!) but also OH god HOW?! Its knowing that I don’t need to pump four times a day, including in the car. I won’t be the bag lady at work, carrying the pump bag plus my laptop to every site, and rushing home to deliver milk for the nanny. The immense grounding that has come through the struggle of these new parenthood routines and the letting go of those same routines makes me feel sad.

As I watch him turn off light switches, feed himself with a spoon and dance I can’t help thinking that last year at this time he wasn’t even earth side. Can’t I freeze how it feels to have his chubby cool check against mine?  At the same time, how does every phase become more entertaining than the next? How can so much development for a  child and for a family happen in twelve short months?

My friend said the other day that the one year experience reminds her of Stockholm syndrome in that you have this little captor and at first your are freaked out. Then you spend all this time getting used to them and the rest of your life trying to let go of those crazy scary days that bonded you together always.

Later this week I will share the rest of my thoughts on Fitz’s first birthday, including what we are going to do for the party and how I’m going to try and not be a sappy mess.

Gift Ideas for Babies

Let’s face it,  babies will enjoy the Amazon Prime boxes the gifts arrive in and then eat eat the wrapping paper after opening their gifts. Marcos and I will probably get Fitz 2-3 gifts.  Here’s our list.

Fitz LOVES music so a first harmonica could be fun.

Fitz also enjoys tearing, stretching and pulling things apart. Mostly paper. These blocks are magnetic and take some time pull apart. They also come in an awesome travel pack. Bonus!

Our neighbor has this cool bike. Fitz is almost walking and this bike acts as a walker and later a bike.


Our First Christmas Tree with Fitz.

Last week Marcos made mulled wine and homemade pizza.  We turned on cheesy Christmas music and unwound strings of white lights. I forced Fitz to take pictures with me. I love Christmas and I was feeling mushy and sentimental putting the tree up as a fam. It feels special sharing this tradition with my child.

Fitz loves his house and was a bit uneasy about the tree taking up so much valuable play space. I love the ritual and nostalgia of putting up the tree.


This year we have a little man who loves to eat everything so the bottom of the tree was left minimal. Its incredible to think about what  a difference a year makes! Last year I was so pregnant around this time.

This year, we have our greatest gift, our Fitzgerald.



Some new things

Well, we are in baby land over here, hence the long absence. We are learning a lot and want to share our adventures in new parenthood and pregnancy with you. In addition to travel, fashion, and all things for being thirtiesh woman in Denver, we are going to add some new parenthood tips, tricks, fails, etc… Stay tuned.