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Farmer’s Market Season Begins!

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We love The Denver Farmer’s Markets. The image above is what every Saturday looks like at our house after the market.

This weekend we are looking forward to trying out the new market at Union Station! During the summer the bulk of our food is bought at the Farmer’s Market and its such a joy to checkout each stand, support local farmers, and bring home healthy, beautiful food and flowers ūüėČ

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Summer Cocktails-Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This summer we are looking forward to hanging out in our backyard and drinking refreshing cocktails. I love fruity cocktails  in summer but nothing too sweet. This recipe on caught my eye. It looks fairly easy to make and delicious! You could put this in a pitcher and add some berries to finish after your pour several glasses.


(Image found on Pinterest-From Huffington Post)

6 sprigs Mint, fresh
1 cup Raspberries, frozen
1 cup Limoncello liqueur
3 cups Prosecco

Denver Happenings – Food Trucks at Civic Center

Hello all, Shelby here. Summer is my favorite season in Denver. There are a few things that always make it feel like summer to me – the first time I can stay out at night without a jacket, the smell of sunscreen, and a show at Red Rocks. In the past few years, Food Trucks at Civic Center Park have become one of those things that signify summer is here. My work colleagues and I love getting out of the office and walking over to Civic Center Park for food truck lunches.

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In the last five years that I have been working downtown I have seen this grow massively (like all of Denver, really).  It used to just be a handful of Food Trucks and now there are so many different choices and they have tables and umbrellas and live music.

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Join in on the fun each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this summer!

Neighborhood Food Love

Shelby here, with another fave from our neighborhood – Black Eye Coffee in LoHi.

You all know about my favorite bakery in the neighborhood, but I go to Black Eye Coffee when I need something specific:  avocado toast.  I have tried to recreate it at home, but to no avail.  They also have amazing lattes made with housemade cashew milk!

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I also appreciate the great design here.  Lots warm wood and filled with greenery.

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Go try the cashew lattes and avo toast this weekend!

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Rosenberg’s Bagels

Rosenbergs Bagels in the Five Points neighborhood is a regular breakfast or lunch spot for us.  We live about five minutes away so we actually got bagels there the day they opened and we keep going back.  Its literally right by the light rail so  if you live outside the neighborhood its easy to get there.

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This place is authentic. The water they use  has the same mineral content as New York City so their bagels taste just like the ones you can get in The Big Apple. There is a huge window into the kitchen so while you are waiting on line ( East Coast way of saying in line) you can watch them make bagels from scratch. This place reminds me of the neighborhood spots I used to enjoy in Boston where people are loud, happy, and most people are regulars.

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You can get an egg sandwich that will fill you for the day or bagels and lox. I suggest getting the egg bagel or a simple bagel with schmear so you can really appreciate the bagel itself. ¬†Rosenberg’s also caters. Bagels and Lox for a baby shower or Bridal shower are so much more interesting than mini quiche or generic fare.

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If you want a delicious brunch go to Rosenbergs. You can get bagels to go or eat in the busy restaurant. Be prepared to wait in line if you go on the weekend…but its so worth it.

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Zach’s close family friends host a Seder dinner that¬†Zach¬†and his family have¬†been going to since he¬†was a little kid. ¬†When I started dating Zach, I got to be a part of this wonderful tradition as well. ¬†My first Seder was in 2003 and I look forward to it every year. ¬†Kids run around, babies squeal, and the adults drink wine and talk. We all celebrate the season of change, growth, family, and friendship by reading about the traditions of Passover.

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The food is prepared days in advance and the gathering feeds your belly and your soul.  Our hosts truly understand that food = love

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I love that the Haggadah I held back in 2003 is the same one I held this year (with a few more wine spatters on it from reciting the ten plagues!).   The Seder dinner is about remembering history through tradition and ritual.   My first few Seder dinners I focused on learning about the significance of what we were doing Рwhy we wash our hands at certain times, why we deep bitter herbs in salt, and understanding the meaning of all the food symbols on the Seder Plate.  Now that I have been part of this for years, I look at Seder in a different way.  It is our chance to catch up with friends (who are family) that we may only see once a year at Seder.  As I start thinking about having kids I think about how wonderful it will be for them when they get to be the youngest reader.

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It was also great for me when my extended family started inviting my sister and Marcos to Seder dinner.  We feel so lucky to be a part of so many communities and traditions.

One Fold – Shannon’s Neighborhood Cafe

Shannon and I had brunch on Saturday at this cute place in her neighborhood – One Fold.

I love cafes that have great design and great food!  I kept looking around and thinking, this is what I want my house to look like.  Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere.

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We had iced Vietnamese coffee – so delicious!

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Shannon and I grew up sharing everything (twins) and so whenever we go out to eat we usually order two different things that we will both eat.  For brunch, its almost always something sweet and something savory.  We got the tender belly bacon fried rice and a berry and yogurt crepe.

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Shannon has more neighborhood recommendations for City Park West coming soon!


Yummy Non-Dairy Breakfast – Chia and Fruit Bowl

Shelby here, with a recipe for a delicious non-dairy breakfast that might replace your morning yogurt!  I have been trying to cut down on the amount of dairy I eat.  I am not a crazy person that is completely eliminating it from my diet (I love cheese way too much for that), but I am looking for subtle ways to cut down.  I brought my own non-dairy creamer into work to put in my coffee.  And because I frequent my favorite neighborhood joint for yogurt and granola a little to often, so I am trying to be frugal by making chia pudding bowls at home.  (It has a similar consistency to yogurt).



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All you need is a few ingredients.  Mix four tablespoons chia seeds with 3/4 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup coconut juice, and 1/8 teaspoon of almond or vanilla extract.  Stir well and put it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning the chia seeds will have expanded and created a pudding consistency.  I top mine with fresh fruit and sometimes raw coconut or nuts.  Be sure to add the toppings last, after the chia pudding has set overnight.

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I started adding chia seeds to my diet many years ago, before it was so popular and every Pinterest recipe featured it!  Chia is a wonder food that provides protein, fiber, and good fats.  In addition to chia pudding I also add chia seeds to my smoothies or I sprinkle it on toast with almond butter and honey (YUM!).

I am curious if there are other non-dairy recipes you swear by – please share in the comments!

Humble Pie in Denver

The Humble Pie Store is becoming one of my go-to places ¬†when you ask yourself “Where should we go?” Shelby and I met for pies on Sunday and our friends Gina and Seth ended up stopping by and joining for a latte. It’s becoming a Colfax neighborhood gathering place. I love driving 5 minutes to eat here, although at 30 minute drive would be worth it.


They serve savory and sweet pies in two sizes. You can just get a snack by ordering a small pie or eat a meal with a large pie. We get several small pies and share sweet and savory options. Humble Pie also has a full bar. Who doesn’t love cocktails and a pie?

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If you mention that you live in the neighborhood you get a 5% discount. What are your go-to-places?

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Food Love: Cocktails from “Shake”

Shelby here! ¬†I bought the book Shake¬†for Zach for Christmas and he has become a cocktail connoisseur! ¬†The book starts with a list of the authors’ preferred spirits and tools to stock your bar like a professional hipster mixologist. ¬†It also talks about the importance of good ingredients – like raw sugar cubes and DIY-dried rosemary. ¬†There is an entire section on the type of ice that should be used for certain drinks.


We made a bunch of cocktails when we were in Steamboat Springs with friends.


The cocktail recipe book is organized by season, so we have only been making the winter cocktails – the Rye Old Fashioned





We made the Mid-Winter Marg for our New Year’s Eve ¬†party

winter marg


And my personal favorite, the Sage Advice (sage liquor, fresh grapefruit juice, simple syrup, grapefruit zest, topped with Spanish cava and sage leaves in a cute coupe glass)

zach 3

Zach 1

Zach 2

What is your go-to cocktail?