My Style Staple

  When I think about my style staple it has to be the headband. During my maternity leave this gold headband made me feel put together when inside I felt topsy turvy. If i wear my signature bun, a headband and red lipstick=date ready in 5. On the weekends I am wearing a turban or band for workouts or around…

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Have a Loved Weekend

Honestly its hard to write as if things are normal. I told Marcos last night that my fear is that gun violence is feeling more normal, to everyone. My newsfeed is crowded with the tragedy in Florida plus the latest Trump drama, and the Olympics. I am thinking over here about what my next move will be. I am not…

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Living in Denver

Some Greener Living

I am craving spring and some green. Not that kind though ūüôā Around this time of year I feel an intense desire to lighten up, get clean, and bring some spring into my life. Who else feels this way? Here are my favorite nurseries in Denver to find the perfect indoor house plants: City Floral¬† Urban Roots Fig and Yarrow…

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A Bay Area Break

Our big trip to¬† Italy¬†¬†and the birth Fitz put my wanderlust on hold for awhile. I don’t like the idea of an airplane with a baby/toddler but I do need a break from the grind.¬† I am craving a short vacation in the bay area that includes: wine, friends, cheese, burritos, walking, the city and a beach. Hopefully we can…

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New Parenthood

Baby Clutter

A friend said that she doesn’t mind baby clutter because she likes that her home looks like a baby lives there. I appreciate and get the sentiment. Sometimes I trip over one of Fitz’s rubber ducks in the shower and think “oh, how things have changed.” Overall though, I HATE clutter. If it belongs to Fitz, Marcos, or myself, I…

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Mamahood, New Parenthood, Relationships

Fitz’s First Birthday: Part 3

The first birthday party was a success!¬†¬†Read Part 1 and Part 2. We have been cleaning up in phases and are still finding crayons under cushions and smears of frosting at baby level.¬† Friends and family came to celebrate,¬† eat delicious tacos made by Marcos, and enjoy Jungle Juice. Marcos and I somehow got Fitz to sleep before the party…

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Mamahood, Relationships

Fitz’s First Birthday: Part 2

By Shannon I was sluggish about planning a party for Fitz’s first birthday.¬† Read why here. I think it all felt too huge. I kind of just wanted to get a Negroni at Dio Mio,¬†¬†our favorite restaurant and the place where Marcos timed my contractions before we headed for the hospital last year. Timing contractions at Dio Mio I ended…

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