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Fitz’s First Birthday: Part One

By Shannon I’m in a discombobulated state when it comes to  Fitz’s first birthday. On one hand its this major milestone and cause for celebration. We made it a year! So, let’s throw a party for Fitz! (But really, for ourselves ;)) On the other hand its accepting that my infant is entering toddlerhood. That the foggy newborn days are…

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Gift Ideas for Babies

Let’s face it,  babies will enjoy the Amazon Prime boxes the gifts arrive in and then eat eat the wrapping paper after opening their gifts. Marcos and I will probably get Fitz 2-3 gifts.  Here’s our list. Fitz LOVES music so a first harmonica could be fun. Fitz also enjoys tearing, stretching and pulling things apart. Mostly paper. These blocks…

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Brow Game Changer

The product that I use the most often, that makes a huge difference, is a brow filler. I had read about these before and they seemed complicated or the way they were used made people look very “made up.” Aillea, a natural makeup store that we love in Denver, offers a brow brush and filler that you can use lightly…

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The Perfect Red

Red lipstick is my go to look that makes me feel instantly together. It gives a pop to an outfit and a hop to my step.  I like a red/orange look personally. The only problem with red is that it can become such a mess! I should try one of those lipsticks that never come off that you see advertised all…

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