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Month: November 2016


I love the idea of a Babymoon before the baby comes. Would you consider one? I love that it focuses on carving out time for just you and your partner before your baby comes to join.

Our Italy trip was an epic vacation for the two of us and I’m so glad we did it when I could still wear a bikini, tie my shoes, and put on pants, comfortably.  The trip wasn’t planned as a BabyMoon but it was fun bringing him along for the adventure about a week after we found out.

If you take a BabyMoon I would plan it during the first or second trimester. This way it’s still romantic, comfortable and easy to travel. By week 30 I was already feeling pretty uncomfortable on planes, cars, and in tight spaces. I am thinking about a little mountain overnight escape but when you are having constant contractions, its a bit nerve racking to take off to the hills, far from the hospital.

If I could blink my eyes and travel now it would be to Hotel Wailea in Wailea Hawaii. Where would you go? A Mountain escape? A Beach? Europe?



Pregnancy Must Haves

Today I wanted to share a few products that have helped me during the pregnancy.   Overall, I thought I would use and discover a lot of new pregnancy products but the process has been low key. Here are my recommendations for products that are worth investing in both during and after pregnancy.

  1. I use this lavender mist to spray my snoogle (we will get to that) every night before bed. The lavender helps if you are feeling nauseous. The light fragrance makes your pillow feel cool, helps with anxiety, and will not disturb the person sleeping next to you. lavender-mist

2) Bio Oil-I have used Bio Oil almost nightly since from about 12 weeks.  Stretch marks run in my family and I haven’t had one yet (fingers crossed!). The bio oil doesn’t have a strong oder like Palmers Coco Butter or other creams.  Several of my friends complain of itchy bellies from the stretching and so far, it hasn’t been a problem for me.


A Good Razor-I discoved The Schick Razor in Japan where everyone used them.  The thick grip with the built in soap has been a lifesaver, especially when you get to the point where you feel like you have swallowed a basketball and cannot bend so easily.razor-gillette-2 razor-gillette

Our midwife recommended The Snoogle during my second trimester. It basically takes up the space of another person in the bed but it’s so worth it, especially now, at 34 weeks. As your body grows it molds to just the right places to support your back and stomach. I am actually sleeping through most night while a lot of friends wake up constantly in discomfort…maybe its the snoogle?!


Nursery Planning on Budget

The nursery. It’s important because it’s the setting where my imagination about what it’s like to parent takes place. I know my  “imaginings” are far from the reality but the nursery doesn’t have to be.

Originally I was scouring Pinterest and Land of Nod for inspiration but I wasn’t feeling inspired. I don’t  want the room to feel to baby-like, gender focused  or themed. Ideally, the nursery will grow with the baby. The room is small and my overall my  inspiration was to create a cheerful, cozy, modern, comfortable and inspiring space for our little family.

My goal is to complete this nursery on a budget so I  replaced  original expensive pieces with Ikea, Target and RugsUsa products.

Originally I wanted to find a vintage dresser to use as a changing table but the room is small and I don’t feel like painting or refinishing anything. We have a closet so we don’t really need a dresser right now. With any room, you should never just buy something because it fits. If you don’t really need it, don’t get it.

The crib is Babyletto and the changing table is from Ikea. They match enough and it saves me $250 on a matching Babyletto changing table which I realized, doesn’t matter.


I looked for mirrors and lamps at vintage stores and they were so expensive, too big, or just not right. This brass mirror and gold lamp are currently on sale at Target. I  like mixing metals and again, these will grow with the baby’s room in the future.  The West Elm versions are basically the same and were over $400 together! These two pieces are a steal so buy them quick if you are interested.

lamp-target mirror-target

I love Etsy because it supports small business and the art is charming, original and whimsical. During late night feedings I will love looking at this friendly elephant and the “I think I Can” print inspired me from the moment I found it–I would move it into our room for daily inspiration.



We have the grey version of these velvet curtains from West Elm in our room. They totally block out the light and you cannot find high quality velvet curtains from other sites (I’ve looked) in my price range. The curtains will be placed higher than the window to give the illusion that the window is bigger than it is. The heaviness will add coziness and elegance to the space.



There are about 10 million gliders on the market ranging from $200-$1600! I thought about buying one used but they get a lot of wear and tear and I decided on a lower priced new one rather than a very used– used one.  My friend’s say the glider is  must have so we will see. The glider I am thinking about is from Target. I am still deciding on which glider to get.  Any suggestions?

The rug will bring the room together and I’m still not sure about the rug. Here are the two I am thinking about. They are both natural fibers, made of wool, which is better for the baby and environment.  What color rug do you suggest? Rugs USA has insane deals on rugs and I recommend them to all of my friends looking for great deals on rugs.



So there it is, my nursery inspiration. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and to do the nursery reveal in a few weeks!



A Hope-full Marriage

Like many people, this last week has been pretty rough in the McQueen household.  We met on the Obama campaign and the timeline of our marriage  follows Presidential terms. Our one year anniversary was the inauguration of Obama in January of 2008. We moved to Japan and voted absentee in January of 2012.  This year, our first baby boy will be born in January, 2016.  We had hoped he would join the world just as Hillary was being sworn in, but it didn’t work out that way.

We are going through the stages of grief  from the results of this election. One way we are moving forward is is channeling our disappointment into action and positive change.  Our marriage is based on the shared principles of equality, justice, responsibility and hope. That will not change, regardless of who our leader is. We plan on getting involved locally, nationally, and donating to causes that we believe in. Some of the organizations that we strongly support are below.

Planned Parenthood


Black Lives Matter


So it goes, here we go!

Me and Marcos when we first met in 2007 working on the Obama campaign