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Month: October 2016

Denver Date-The Colorado Ballet!



Marcos and I were lucky enough to see the Colorado Ballet’s Swan Lake last weekend. This ballet has been top on my list for years and I was giddy with excitement as the lights went down and the curtain opened.


The ballet is a magical escape from the daily grind. The costumes, Colorado Ballet Symphony, and theatrics transport you for a few short hours. Watching the dancers is meditative, you don’t have to focus on words like in a play and you can just sit back and enjoy the choreography. Swan Like was powerful, graceful, and oozed with romance.  Baby McQueen loved the roar of the symphony and was leaping in tune with the dancers during the last act.



We saw the matinee and had drinks and dinner after. It was the perfect date because matinee tickets are reasonable and easy to get for popular shows.  The timing is perfect because you exit just in time for an early dinner. I loved the crisp autumn air, wearing a cute new outfit, and walking around the theatre district with Marcos after the show.

The Colorado Ballet will feature Swan Lake until October 23rd and will start the Nutcracker on Nov 26th.  You can purchase tickets here. This winter, make a perfect date  and go to the ballet. The experience is timeless, lovely, special, and festive.

Thank you Mike Watson for the images from the Colorado Ballet and the Colorado Ballet for Supporting this post.

Perspective from my Baby Boy


Lately, I have been feeling pretty stressed. My everyday also includes a little buddy kicking and reminding me to keep in all in perspective. It’s the oddest feeling carrying a little man around inside me. I walk my kids to the bus and they say “goodbye Mrs. McQueen and little baby!”I love that he can hear all my “other” kids voices. When I start getting stressed, the baby kicks, like “chill out Ma!” It’s a constant reminder that I am not alone.

For a few weeks I was starting to feel clausterphobic sharing space with this new moving belly bump. The responsibility, along with my body, was literally feeling heavy. I felt like I wanted to just take the baby off and grow him like houseplant in another room, not in me.

Now, I am starting to feel comforted by his presence. My active baby boy is a constant reminder of what is really important. My health, his health, my family, my students. It helps to melt away the negativity happening outside of that realm. The baby is helping me change my perspective. His tiny presence reminds me to focus on important things and his kicks and jabs help me decide, for the both of us,  what energy I choose to put into the world –or take in.