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Month: September 2016

I’m Listening To…

Shelby here. I recently moved offices and am finally able to walk to work (one of my lifelong dreams!). ¬†It’s about a 25 minute walk, so I’ve been listening to podcasts while I stroll.

My latest obsession is Still Processing – a podcast from New York Times culture correspondents Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris. Brilliant social commentary about real issues (the one I listened to this morning was about racial discrimination by AirBnB users) mixed with humor and pop culture – it’s exactly what I want to be listening to on my way to work.


I wish I looked like this during my morning walk, but those are weekend goals ūüôā

Baby Boy Clothes

I am resisting the urge to the buy baby boy clothes.  The world seems overpopulated by baby boys at the moment so I have a lot of friends who will be sending baby boy clothes our way. That being said, here are some of the sweetest baby clothing companies with sweet options for boys!

Our friend gifted us this romper from Winter Water Factory.


I am OBSESSED with this adorable baby Tee from Cheerily


This Polar Bear Romper on Etsy from AnchoreDeep is the cuuutest. I cannot wait to snuggle my little boy.  While baby girls clothing is adorable, boy shopping has been fun.


CG Annual Trip

This weekend we are headed to Grande Lake for the annual CG reunion.  Our group of 8 girlfriends, since childhood, get together for a trip every year.  We started discussing have an annual trip when we were way too young to even think about how busy life would get one day.

While some of us see each other weekly, and call each other daily, its rare that all 8 of us are together at once.  We are thankful that this trip is a priority  and to have time together each year. We drink wine, catch up, cry, laugh, and eat. Every year more babies join us. (This was our San Francisco trip a few years ago)

baby pic


Baby Boy!

My Mom, Sister and I went to baby GAP a few weeks ago. We picked out a baby boy and girl outfit. Then, after I got the ultrasound, I gave them the envelope and they handed me the right gift. ¬†Marcos and I met for a late dinner after work, nervously opened the gift at our favorite restaurant and … we opened the little boy outfit! BOY! Since that moment, every time I think about having a boy, there is an exclamation mark included. I can hardly believe it.

I come from a very girl centered word. My Mom raised Shelby and I. We have always been surrounded by a gaggle of girls in our immediate and extended families. I get girls, I LOVE baby girls clothes, I always imagined a daughter. Given that my experience with boys, much less little boys, is limited, the idea of having a boy is terrifying. It is also  exciting, joyful and feels just right. Mostly, regardless of gender, I am almost ready to begin raising a good human.

Finding out the gender, for me, was affirming. The baby was kicking, and healthy, and I feel now, more than ever, that this next chapter will be a good one.

The ultrasound looked exactly like Marcos! We were both laughing in the ultrasound room.

just real moms

Image from Just Real Moms–maybe our baby will have wild hair like mine ūüėČ