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Month: May 2016 (page 1 of 2)

Italy Style Inspiration

We are leaving for Italy in two weeks! I plan on packing mostly dresses because they are easy to wear, pack, and perfect for strolling around and eating double gelatos and pasta in style. I love white in the summer and classic navy stripes with pops of red. I also want to bring a head scarf so I don’t have to do my hair everyday.  I have the exact swimsuit pictured from JCREW plus red lipstick, always.


Denver Happenings – Food Trucks at Civic Center

Hello all, Shelby here. Summer is my favorite season in Denver. There are a few things that always make it feel like summer to me – the first time I can stay out at night without a jacket, the smell of sunscreen, and a show at Red Rocks. In the past few years, Food Trucks at Civic Center Park have become one of those things that signify summer is here. My work colleagues and I love getting out of the office and walking over to Civic Center Park for food truck lunches.

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In the last five years that I have been working downtown I have seen this grow massively (like all of Denver, really).  It used to just be a handful of Food Trucks and now there are so many different choices and they have tables and umbrellas and live music.

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Join in on the fun each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this summer!

Would you Wallpaper?

Lately I have been digging wallpaper. Not the tacky  80’s flowers but  more Downton Abbey in style. The right wallpaper can look so elegant.


(Image from HomeAdore)

I don’t think I could commit to a full room but I think I would like to do an accent wall.  These are the looks I am liking. I especially love removable wallpaper because it you hate it, its not a huge mess to just change your mind about.

From Wall Need Love– I like the fresh, bright, and playful giant lemons!

walls need love

From Hygge and West– So whimsical and dreamy. I might use this in a nursery or even my own room. I feel like I would wake up happy.




This Weekend-Yard Makeover

Hi, Happy Friday! Shannon here. This weekend we are beautify-ing our yard. All summer we plan on hanging out outside for morning coffee on the porch and evening get togethers in the backyard.

gardne pary

I want the space to feel inviting, cozy and easy. I am thinking white lights, adorondak chairs and some blue and white linen somewhere. I want to plant flowers in the yard  that we can put on the tables and create a wall in the backyard to grow herbs.

white lights garden

What are you up to this weekend?

I’ll share some before and after pics next week!

(Photos from Local Milk)

An Evening with Elizabeth Gilbert

Recently I went to a reception and talk by Elizabeth Gilbert in DenverThe reception before the event featured antipasto spreads, wine, and Elizabeth Gilbert. We got to meet Elizabeth Gilbert! Her demeanor was calm, genuine, and exuded friendliness. It has been a long time since I met a stranger (even though I have read every single one of her books) that was easy and happy and chatty in the first 5 seconds.

After the reception my friend and I settled into our seats. The stage was setup like  living room so it felt like an intimate conversation. Elizabeth got right into it. She was not some peppy motivation speaker that was like do this and everything will be amazing and perfect.  Rather, she just shared her personal story and spiritual journey and how she spent too much time pretending to be someone she was not. In all the beautiful words her thoughts on fear and creativity resonated most with me.



Gilbert said that fear can hold us back but that we don’t need to have this attitude of  “I am going to kick in the butt” I am going to “overcome my fear!” The aggressive nature we have can be harmful. Fear keeping us back actually saves our lives. There is a purpose for it, like in an emergency, so don’t dismiss fear’s purpose.  I used to  give myself “mean pep talks”  all too often and I felt sad, not motivated, after. I never thanked fear for how much it has helped me.

Elizabeth said to acknowledge fear for all that it has done for us. She said to thank it for keeping us safe and then gently remind fear that you will not be needing its services right now. I loved that she acknowledged that fear plays a role, but that it doesn’t need to overwork itself and dabble in all areas of our life.

Instead of taking the path of fear Gilbert argued for taking the path of creativity. She said the stakes are never as high as you think they are and that the worst case scenario is that you fail. She kept saying “No one is going to die over your mistakes.”  (Unless you are a Doctor or something ;/)

I am going to take Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice. I will gently thank and then remind fear that I am doing okay, and don’t need its services at the moment.





Neighborhood Food Love

Shelby here, with another fave from our neighborhood – Black Eye Coffee in LoHi.

You all know about my favorite bakery in the neighborhood, but I go to Black Eye Coffee when I need something specific:  avocado toast.  I have tried to recreate it at home, but to no avail.  They also have amazing lattes made with housemade cashew milk!

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I also appreciate the great design here.  Lots warm wood and filled with greenery.

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Go try the cashew lattes and avo toast this weekend!

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(Long) Weekend Getaway: Oahu

Hi friends, Shelby here.  I am sharing photos from our recent trip to Hawaii.  One of my close friends from law school grew up there and we were thrilled when she decided to have her wedding there.  Because Zach is teaching and is in the middle of the soccer season, we had to make it a quick trip.

We arrived late Wednesday night, rented a car, and drove about 25 minutes outside Honolulu, to the area we were renting a house.  The next morning we grabbed breakfast and went to an outdoor market in the neighborhood to get some provisions for the group vacation house.  Then we headed to the beach.

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Our group has mastered the art of group vacation houses!  Ten of us rented a house and the apartment next door.  We would wake up early (the time change was killer), make breakfast together, and plan the day.  Then people would split off in groups depending on what the day held.  Friday a group of us went on a hike along the North Shore.

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Friday evening we went into Downtown Honolulu to visit some friends.  We had a great meal at a restaurant in Chinatown and then went for Shave Ice afterward.  Shave Ice is kind of a big deal in Hawaii.  Also, note that is is Shave, no “shaved” Ice.  We took over this small Shave Ice and Ice Cream shop in Chinatown.  I love the owner’s hair (it matches the colors on the Shave Ice cups!)

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Saturday was the wedding, and it was insanely beautiful.  The couple is amazing together and everyone was so happy.  The venue was the bride’s middle school!


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Sunday we had a relaxing beach day.  (And more Shave Ice, of course!)

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Can’t wait for the next group vacation!

Its the Weekend!


And what a week it has been. We are just giddy with a lot of exciting and unexpected changes coming our way over here. We hope you take time, like we are trying to do, to embrace the unexpected and see it as a gift. Have a weekend spent with some good friends and family.



Messy French Girl Hair

french girl hair

I love this new trend of messy french-girl hair. Well, not new in France. I take approximately 57 seconds daily to do my hair so the low maintenance, unwashed look, would really suit me. I never wear my hair straight but if I could leave it messy, I might.

french girls hair 2

When I visited Paris for the first time I was 15. From that moment I have been obsessed with the French easily style. My roommate in college was French and she always had that look that looked perfect, but didn’t seem like she tried too hard. Would you try this look?

(Images from Byrdie)

Happy Fri-yay!

This weekend Shelby is at a wedding in Hawaii, and I will be celebrating at a bachelorette party in Denver. My school, a refugee magnate school, is having international night where everyone celebrates the many countries represented with food, music, and booths for each country. Several of my students are performing and I am excited to see their performances and eat food from everywhere. Have a fun weekend!