GTFO of Denver this Spring

Marcos and I are chronic ticket purchase delayers CPD. We either are indecisive about where we want to go (Peru or CA…seriously that was us for weeks). We also hover our finger right above the cart and never want to hit buy even when ticket prices are great. This drives Shelby crazy, she doesn’t get it. Anyways,  we end up,…

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How to Host an (actually fun) Baby Shower

Our friend Kaycee is having twins so we threw her a baby shower on a  sunny day a few weeks ago. Baby showers are events I usually dread (or used to before I was bitten by the baby bug). I naturally take one step back from games like measuring a pregnant tummy, putting a lot of effort into guessing baby…

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Spring Nails

What spring polishes are you loving? I’m a nail biter so keeping my fingers polished prevents that nervous habit. I love essie’s color tying the knottie. I love how clean, natural  and pretty it looks.  Checkout some of the colors from the 2016 spring collection.  I love the names and want to try the blue color, poolside service, next! Checkout…

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Living in Denver

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend. We are going to one of our dearest friends’s weddings this weekend at the beautiful Oxford Hotel in Denver. Alyce and I spent our year abroad together in Spain … And we have been close friends ever since. Alyce is one of the most kind, intelligent, and FUN women I know.  She deserves all the happiness in the…

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Food Love, Obsessed with

Food Love: Cocktails from “Shake”

Shelby here!  I bought the book Shake for Zach for Christmas and he has become a cocktail connoisseur!  The book starts with a list of the authors’ preferred spirits and tools to stock your bar like a professional hipster mixologist.  It also talks about the importance of good ingredients – like raw sugar cubes and DIY-dried rosemary.  There is an entire…

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Obsessed with, Style

Obsessed with-Skin Savior Wonder Balm

By Shannon   I hate washing my face at night.  Marcos takes these long relaxing showers before bed and I can barely wash my face, I am tired and night and don’t like doing anything but falling into bed. This obviously led to breakouts. Enter- the magic balm-One love organics Skin Savior multi tasking wonder balm. It’s all organic and…

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Living in Denver, Relationships

Have a happy weekend!

This weekend we are hosting a baby shower for our friend Kaycee . Later, Marcos and I are  going to “help” a friend sample wine for her wedding. I’m so happy when we can help with really hard choices like that. This weekend the weather will be amazing in Denver so I am going to brunch with Shelby and we will…

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